Top 5 Paint Colors to Liven the Interior of Your Home

We know how important your home is to you and new paint color can be a way to showcase your personality. It is a powerful design tool that can help define a space. When choosing a color, it is not only necessary to keep in mind what you want a room to say about you or your home, but it's also important to be aware of the effect that different colors can have on your mood. Light colors can make a space feel more open, airy, and larger. Darker colors can have the opposite effect; they can make a room feel warmer, smaller, and cozier.

With hundreds of available colors, shades and finishes choosing the perfect color can be a tedious task. Begin by deciding what mood you would like to convey and experiment with the colors you choose on a large area. Also, keep in mind the lighting available in your space as it can affect the tone and the way the color is displayed. We picked the top 5 most popular colors that will give your home that extra lift it needs.

1) Neutrals (Whites, Grays, and Browns)

From beige, to warm white, to classic gray these colors are the go-to choices for decorating a space where you want your furniture or accent pieces to be focal points. Neutral colors are great and work with any design style from modern to eclectic to traditional. lighter neutral colors like tans, whites, or beige-grays give a room a clean sophisticated feel. It is a safe choice for anyone afraid of regretting a bold color decision later.

2) Blues

Refreshing blues can evoke a feeling of calm in a space, perfect for an office space or living room. Blue is versatile and makes it simple to combine other colors in the design of a room like greens, purples, and even yellows. While light toned down blues inspire calmness, a brighter shade of blue can bring vitality to any space. Overall you can't go wrong with blue it's a classic!

3) Yellows

Depending on the shade of yellow you choose it can make a room feel bright and cheerful or warm and rich. It is a color that enhances energy and positivity and is great paired with neutral colors like grey and white. If you are going for a bold look with yellow make sure to test out different shades because color swatches can sometimes be deceiving.

4) Reds

Shades of red can give any home a vivid and charismatic look and even make a room feel cozier depending on the shade. If you’re not ready to commit an entire room to a bright red hue, try painting the door of that space to give the room a lift.

5) Greens

Green can be invigorating, balancing and healing. It is a great choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and even office spaces. It is a designers favorite as it works well paired with almost any color.

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